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Through continued reinvestment in technology, this enables our company to be the market leaders within the taxi industry, enabling us to offer all our customers the highest possible level of service.

The three core areas in development.


  • Booking software
  • Despatch software
  • GPS Tracking in all vehicles
  • Call recording
  • Latest Avaya phone system


  • Eclipse mobile data unit
  • CCTV cameras
  • Fare meter
  • Satellite navigation


  • Call back
  • Automated booking system
  • Automated response to where your taxi is

Through the integration of our three core areas of technology, we are able to reduce booking times, restrict the human error and profile customer details, within our secure booking and despatch system.

Our despatching software has the capacity to despatch seven bookings per second, which in turn enables us to reach our customers on time.  90% of our immediate booking requests are met on average within 7 minutes. All our customers can benefit from our free callback service (car due to arrive) and our automated response to where your taxi is. With satellite navigation in all our vehicles your destination couldnt be nearer.

For both our customer and driver safety we have further invested in CCTV cameras in all vehicles.

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