Q: I paid for a journey on credit card and at a later date I got further charges. Why? >>

A: When you make a booking via credit card we take the payment based on the journey price quoted at the time. If for any reason there were any amendments to the original journey, such as waiting time or an extra drop off, these are charged separately and therefore will come up as a separate payment on your card statement.

Q: How do I get a receipt for a journey I made using my credit card? >>

A: you can email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for receipts. To ensure that we can locate your receipt effectively please provide details of date, time and pick up address of journey.

Q; Can I receive a receipt from a cash job? >>

A: It’s best to ask the driver directly if you would like a receipt for a cash job. The cash receipt between yourself and the driver is not a VAT receipt

Q: Do you charge for the car park at airports? >>

A: We track flight landing times at all major airports to ensure that car parking time is kept to a minimum. For all customers, we allow the first 30 minutes of waiting time free from the time your flight lands. Any remaining time will be charged according to the parking fee.

Q: Do you charge waiting time at airports? >>

A: We track flight times to all major airports to help ensure there is as little waiting time as possible. We always allow 30 minutes waiting time from when your flight lands. Any waiting time over the initial 30 minutes will be charged accordingly.

Q: I’m interested in opening an account, can you send me your account price list? >>

A: If you are interested in opening an account with us, please feel free to look through our account section and discover all the benefits that come with being an account holder. We would also be happy to speak to you and assist in setting up an account. You can call us directly on 0115 9400 123.

Q: My flight time has changed. Do you check flight times? >>

A: Yes, this is why when you book for an airport collection, we ask for your flight details. We have a specialist team who check flight times 24 hours a day and keep up to date of any known time changes. You don’t have to worry about informing us, we’ll automatically send your car to arrive in time for when your flight lands.

Q: What is the call back service? >>

It is our ‘Car At Door’ warning service, which we automatically offer free of charge to all our customers. When your taxi is about to arrive we will call you (typically we’ll just give a couple of rings and then hang up) so you can get ready to meet your driver.

Register for this service

First step enter 0115 9400 123 into your mobile phone under the name ‘Taxi Outside’.

Once you have done this book your taxi in the usual manner on 0115 9400 123 using your mobile phone and ask the operator to put your taxi on Call Back.

When your taxi is due to arrive your mobile will ring displaying ‘Taxi Outside’ and then cut off.

Book your taxi using your home telephone on 0115 9400 123 and ask the operator for the Call Back service.

When your taxi is due to arrive your telephone will ring and cut off. At this point you should make your way to the agreed pick up point.

Q: What is GPS tracking? >>

A: Each Motorvation taxi is fitted with a GPS positioning device that logs in with our control centre so we always know exactly where all the Motorvation taxis are and whether they are occupied, on route or free for pick-ups.

Not only do we have one of the largest fleets in the region, which means that there is less waiting for a vehicle to become available, but we also use the latest GPS controlled dispatch technology to locate and dispatch the nearest Motorvation Car to you, reducing waiting times yet again.

Q: How does the cctv in vehichles work? >>

A: Motorvation taxis in car CCTV scheme helped in reducing taxi crime. In car CCTV data is encrypted and can only be retrieved by police or professional organisations. CCTV recordings helped police in resolving many issues between the drivers and the passengers.

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